Saturday, May 19, 2012

Welcome to my world

Hello and welcome to my blog.  My name is Cleve Johnson, and I enjoy reading and creative writing.  I prefer fantasy and science fiction writing because it gives me a chance to let my imagination run wild; however, I am open to writing in other genres as well.  I like to integrate humor and romance in my writing. 

I do not claim to be a professional writer, but I self-published a fantasy novella called The Unicorn and the Dragon:  Tales of Ishland through Wheatmark, a print-on-demand publisher, in 2008.  The book is now out of print, but there may be a few copies that were purchased and still available at  I recently republished The Unicorn and the Dragon and a romantic short story as ebooks, which can be found at  I plan to do more writing and publishing as ebooks with the hope that people in the traditional publishing industry will "discover" me as I work to continually improve my writing and develop stories that people enjoy.

The purpose of this blog is multi-faceted in that I plan to give my perspectives on writing and reading as well as occasionally review articles and books that I am reading.  In addition, I plan to discuss ideas for creative fiction, character development, plot and setting, and other topics such as history, learning styles, and life in general.

Well, that is all for my first post.  I look forward to receiving feedback as the blog progresses.

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  1. Update: Just in case anyone goes back to read this old post, The Unicorn and the Dragon is no longer at Smashwords since it is now on Kindle as and ebook.